Victory Pier, Gillingham, Kent

Location: Gillingham Kent

Work: Advanced scaffold inspection

This large commercial scaffolding project has been installed to facilitate the construction of an RC frame building. Once erected to full height the scaffold will be adapted to allow the building to be clad and for face brickwork to be built, then windows and balconies to be installed. There are many types of scaffold to be found on this site overlooking the river medway, scaffold staircases, multiple loading bays, hoists, protection fans, pedestrian walkway covers and cantilevers. Design scaffold inspections require competency, qualifications and experience to enable the inspector to scrutinise the build and to check the design has been strictly adhered to. Our advanced scaffold inspectors have many years of experience within the scaffold industry as both scaffolders and scaffold inspectors, enabling them to quickly spot faults and hazards then delivering a comprehensive and easily digested report. Our reporting app allows us to attach marked up photos to highlight specifics and simplify the reporting and action process. Another successful independent scaffold inspection in Kent.